Bit, Must, Decalcomania, 2022
metallic and pearl inkjet prints mounted on aluminum

Presented as part of The Lind Prize Exhibition at The Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver BC

Natasha Katedralis’s new work explores the material parameters of images by playing with properties such as resolution, dimensionality, flatness, visual tropes, and illusory effect. Over-ripened grapes displaying dramatic proliferations of mould are made weirder by their photographic presentation: pictured on metallic paper, the image experiments with both abstract strangeness and exaggerated hyperreality. Paired with the grapes are black-and-white images, in which visual clues allow the viewer to piece together a picture, possibly of an ornamentally decaled car with a shattered rear window. The work draws from the artist’s interest in the contrary ways in which photography emphasises, dramatises, magnifies and also flattens reality through its modes of representation.